The company Flüss Werkzeugbau was founded on 1.5.1908 by Heinrich Flüss.

The company Flüss Werkzeugbau was founded on 01.05.1908 by Heinrich Flüss.
At that time the company was engaged in the production of electrical switches, star-delta switches and cable lugs, which were made from sheet metal over tools.

A first milestone was the development of HUDORA roller skates and ice skates by the company’s founder Heinrich Flüss, which were then manufactured using tools made by Flüss.

Other tasks included the production of deformed covers for irons, as well as the manufacture of mechanical parts for wringers. For the sign industry, high-quality sheet metal signs (Horch, NSU, VW) were produced using the deep embossing process.

In 1958 his son, Paul Flüss, took over the company. During this time, the company developed into a pure tool shop that specialised exclusively in the construction of stamping and forming tools. In 1982 Paul Flüss’ son, Christian Flüss, joined the company. Hand in hand they led the one from 1982-2013.

During this time, the company switched to modern CNC-controlled machine tools and CAD-supported design. Since the mid-1980s the company has been manufacturing cutting and punching tools 2D/3D for the production of plastic covers for the automotive, household appliance and electrical industries.

In 2004 Paul Flüss is awarded the Cross of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. For only a few years after taking over the business, he began working in various areas of his profession and for the benefit of the Wuppertal Crafts Organisation (click here for more information: https://www.fluess-werkzeugbau.de/paul-fluess-erhaelt-verdienstkreuz-der-bundesrepublik-deutschland/).

In 2008 the company celebrated its 100th anniversary.

Fittingly, employee Norbert Artinger also celebrated an anniversary: he has remained loyal to the company for 50 years (click here for more information: https://www.fluess-werkzeugbau.de/werkzeugbau-fluess-feiert-das-100-jaehriges/).

From 2013-2018 Christian Flüss ran the company alone.

During this time the company developed further by integrating cutting and punching tools for the paper and plastics industry for the production of e.g. parking ticket labels, price marking labels, magnetic tickets, tickets of all kinds and packaging carriers for the pharmaceutical industry (e.g. OP needles) as well as chip and plastic cards according to ISO into the design and production.

Since 2019 his son, Lars Flüss, has been supporting him as the fourth generation.

For the metalworking industry we manufacture stamping, embossing and progressive dies.