Form tools
We are at your side from the design to the production to the sampling of the tools. Our own CAD workstations and modern machinery enable us to react customer-oriented.

The company Fl├╝ss Werkzeugbau has specialised in the manufacture of punching tools. Our tools are used by our customers to produce a wide variety of materials. The main business is the production of punching tools in the field of plastics, but our tools are also used to punch materials such as metal, cardboard or paper.

We build single or multiple falling tools up to a size of 800×600.

Mould tools:

In addition to punching tools, we also manufacture forming tools for film forming. Our integrated CAD/CAM system and modern CNC machine tools enable us to offer you the highest surface qualities.

Do you have a product which is still in the prototype phase and need mould inserts for tests at short notice?
We manufacture your test inserts within a short time.